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modern workplace.

We're the stress-free business phone solution. Everything you need, in the cloud.
Without the complicated fees, work from any where!.

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We want phone solutions to be simple, fairly priced and to work with you for
your business.
cloud first
Everything runs in the cloud.
Enterprise scale
All features included in every plan, no extra add on fees.
Predictable pricing. No contracts
Pricing that works for you with no lock in contracts!

Which plan fits best?

Biz Essentials
per user
  • Unlimited Local & National

  • 20c/min Mobiles

  • International from 1c/min

  • Billed in seconds used

  • No Contracts, No Risk

Biz Premium
per user
  • Unlimited Local & National

  • Unlimited Mobile

  • International from 1c/min

  • Billed in seconds used

  • No Contracts, No Risk

Biz Unlimited
per user
  • Unlimited Local & National

  • Unlimited Mobile

  • Unlimited International*

  • Fixed Spend

  • No Contracts, No Risk

With people you pay just $192.5 a month.

Can't decide or need a custom plan? Don't hesitate to contact us!
All prices include GST.  *Excludes some countries, territories and networks.

Features your team & customers will love

Discover some of the features that will make life easier and your customers happier. Checkout the features here.

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Getting started is easy.

No two businesses are the same. At NURV, we want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.
Tell us how many staff you have.

Our phone systems are simple to get started on. All we need to know is how many staff you have.

Businesses are constantly changing. That's why our phone system allows you to grow and shrink your plan whenever you want. Need another office with an extra 10 staff? Not a problem.

Choose the plan that works for you!

Our plans offer unlimited calling options for Australia and the world. Choose the plans that works with your business.

We wanted to make business phone plans as easy to understand as your Spotify subscription! So we bundled up what most businesses need into easy, simple to understand options. Because we have no contracts, the best part is that if your business requirements change, we can change right with you.

Transfer your existing numbers across.

Don't throw away your business identify just because you are changing phone systems! You wouldn't throw away your money just because you are changing banks!

If you already have an existing phone system and want to keep your number or numbers, we can transfer them across an ensure you don't miss a single call. This process can sometimes take a little bit of time (kinda like your tax returns), but that won't slow us down from getting you up and running. Find out how by dropping us a line below!

Your PBX is ready to go in ten minutes.

Our system can move as fast as you can. Need a phone system up and running in five minutes, give us a call and we can make it happen.

Even if you aren't in a rush, we believe that agility and speed in business makes all the difference. So let us know your time frame and we will ensure that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Get started today on your new business phone system.

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