CLOUD mail

Say goodbye to on-site email servers and hello to Cloud Mail

Cloud Mail is the cost-effective and secure alternative to traditional email systems and can be scaled to suit your business’ exact requirements.

Cloud Mail has so much to offer!

Streamline business communications – manage emails, staff appointments, business documents and calendars from anywhere in the world.

Boost Productivity – with excellent security, automatic encryption and powerful virus and spam protection, Cloud Mail increases business productivity and eliminates the hassle of operating your own email server.

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  • Instant access from anywhere in the World

  • Manage calendar bookings and check your team's availability

  • Add or remove staff email accounts instantly with easy interface

  • Control a single online document version to reduce confusion

  • Command your email system with an easy, intuitive interface

  • Virus and spam protection that updates automatically

  • Secure encryption of message and communication data

NURV Cloud quality services

  • Cloud Phone

    Cloud Phone is a versatile and full-featured telephone system that’s powered by the internet and boasts outstanding audio quality plus a range of useful functions.

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  • Cloud Mail

    With better features and fewer hassles, Cloud Mail is the logical and cost-effective alternative to on-premises email servers.

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  • Cloud Backup

    NURV Cloud’s backup system is the easy and automatic way to backup desktops, servers and external storage.

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  • Cloud Support

    The complete support solution, NURV provides business with comprehensive business support for their entire traditional IT infrastructure.

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