Why NURV Cloud?

Cloud Computing is the new utility of the 21st Century.

Using the Cloud is no different to tapping into the electricity grid and paying for the energy that you use. When you tap into the ‘Cloud’ you are using IT resources that you do not own, but are available to you via a network.

That network is the Internet – and the pool of shared resources, software and information that you use on a pay-per-service basis is known as the ‘Cloud’.

At NURV Cloud, our Cloud Services include: Cloud Phone, Cloud Mail, Cloud Backup and Cloud IT Support. Each of these services is Simple, Scalable and Secure – enjoy the cost saving benefits with NO expensive hardware upgrades.

  • Simple

  • Secure

  • Scalable

  • Savings

  • Accessibility

NURV Cloud quality services

  • Cloud Phone

    Cloud Phone is a versatile and full-featured telephone system that’s powered by the internet and boasts outstanding audio quality plus a range of useful functions.

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  • Cloud Mail

    With better features and fewer hassles, Cloud Mail is the logical and cost-effective alternative to on-premises email servers.

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  • Cloud Backup

    NURV Cloud’s backup system is the easy and automatic way to backup desktops, servers and external storage.

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  • Cloud Support

    The complete support solution, NURV provides business with comprehensive business support for their entire traditional IT infrastructure.

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